When your boyfriend is a drama lord.

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I have deliberately not written here in a while because of how things have been lately. It feels really good to be back and I’ll like to share some of my experiences during the period I was away.

The stories on this blog are true stories. If not mine, maybe my neighbour’s. I get to relate so much with experiences because I know there’s no experience particular to anyone. I’ve however found myself in funny situations I’d like to share.

I had few ‘toasters’ after the passing away of my FIRST (Read here )  and I found it really hard to accept nor date anyone. It took a while for me to date again, however, I started a relationship I wasn’t sure I was ready for

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Are You Sensitive And Available To Help?

Sometimes in life we have to go out of our way to do the right thing at the right time. We have to always make ourselves available and sensitive to people who need help, advice etc. I have heard several times that human beings are the greatest investment you can ever have and I agree because what you put in people is likely going to be what you will receive from them. I’ll will let you know why I said you always have to make yourselves available at the right time. Continue reading “Are You Sensitive And Available To Help?”